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    Comments worth saving 

    “This is how to succeed in life: Talk with the authority of a thousand professors nonchalantly about things you don’t even know how to spell.”

    Comments regarding Starbucks decision to open bathrooms to the homeless: “as Tiffany and LaShawnda begin to realize those 6-year, $150K degrees in Medieval French Lit & Black Womyns Studies might not be all that useful after all   …  “we’ve got a code brown in restroom 2! on the walls … and the sinks… and the ceiling … get cracking ladies!”

    “people dont like coffee they like sugar drinks and the status of the herd….”

    “That little itch in the back of your mind while you’re attending your reeducation training is called cognitive dissonance. You’re being programmed with “group think” instead of “individual liberty and individual rights”.The purpose is to empower your government and employer to correct perceived wrongs (propaganda) for the sake of consolidating their own power and wealth. That little thing called the constitution bugs the absolute shit out of these Marxist thugs in government and business who desire absolute power over absolutely everything.”

    “#10 is idiotic. Birth certificates do not have “gender” on them. They have your sex, which is what 90% of people mean when they use the word “gender” in the first place. Sex is not fluid. It was not my intention to make that last sentence sound dirty.”

    “Yes, and there are genetic and developmental conditions that can prevent you from growing a brain, or a complete arm. That doesn’t make brains and arms “fluid” concepts. Some people (a small fraction of a percent) are unfortunate enough to have genetic defects which can make their sex ambiguous. That doesn’t magically create a world with more than two sexes. It’s just part of the same world where things don’t always go right during embryonic development, and if the fetus isn’t miscarried (most are), you end up with a person suffering in some way. There’s a difference between being aware of the existence of something, and understanding how it fits into the bigger picture. You have apparently failed the latter task, perhaps because it’s just not something you can Google.”

    “In communism/socialism you wait in line for bread, in capitalism the bread waits for you…”

    “pesky thing called research nitwit”

    “The Resistance.” Spiffy slogan isn’t it? They fancy themselves as freedom fighters. They are too stupid to understand the cause they champion is communism. The IQ of a pencil eraser and the depth of a sheet of paper. Regular Einsteins they are.”

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    Maxine Waters 


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    Build The Wall 

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    Pregnant with 3rd Child 

    When I was six months pregnant with my third child, my three-year-old came into the room when I was just getting ready to get into the shower. She said “Mummy, you are getting fat!” I replied “Yes, honey, remember mummy has a baby growing in her tummy”. “I know” she replied “but what’s growing in your butt?”

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    Image Post 

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    My Take On The North Korean Nuclear issue 

    I don’t have facts, I just have pieces – lots of them – and until yesterday, they all seemed unrelated, so bear with me.

    I think…  in simple terms that us deplorables can understand…

    Trump told China that he was going to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons regardless of what they wanted. He most likely pointed out that North Korea was developing the nuclear and missile capability to threaten the USA and he simply wasn’t going to allow it.

    At the same time, Trump told North Korea that he was going to stop their program whether they like it or not.

    North Korea did some saber-rattling and Trump sent the 7th Fleet up to sit on the North Korean border to rattle much bigger sabers.

    While this was going on Trump was imposing world wide sanctions on anyone doing business with North Korea. Trump pretty much shut down the meager North Korean economy that was barely feeding the people.

    But, North Korea still had China support until…

    Trump started messing with the China/America tariffs, which I believe was a shot across the bow of China’s economy. We are in a much better position to go to economic war with China than the other way around and China would likely lose.

    So China backed away from North Korea.

    North Korea realizes that it could not sustain any kind of conflict with America and would collapse from the weight of war. The midget saber-rattler could visualize the end of his reign and suddenly became friendly and willing to sit down and discuss the future of a non-nuclear North Korea – even attending the Olympics and releasing American prisoners.

    It looks like a winner so far…

    So now we’re all focused on Israel and Iran and sabers are rattling.

    Could this be Part II of the Trump plan against rogue puppet regimes gone out of control?

    Trump has already met with Israel and plans have likely already been made and agreed upon. A week ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu laid out Israeli intelligence regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions and current activities towards that end, which are against the Obama/Kerry Nuke Agreement (temporary band-aid).

    Israel has stated and shown that they are prepared to take on Iran.

    Meanwhile, in Iran – the leadership is already on shaky ground with its population. They can only saber rattle for a little while before Trump, Israel and the Iranian people bring the weight of understanding and the reality of the futility of their ambitions.





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    Blindly Partisan 

    I heard on the radio today that Democrats have gone from 9% favorable opinion to 29% favorable opinion regarding Trumps handling of the North Korean Nuclear program.

    The increase had the talking head all aflutter while it had me wondering why it was only 29%.

    Does this mean the rest of the Democrats don’t like that it appears Trump has found the solution to this frightening and real threat?

    Would the rest of the Democrats prefer the nuclear threat over having to admit that Donald Trump is doing a great job?


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    Well duh! 

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    Kinda Mindblowing.. 

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