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    My Guess … First Time! 

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    More Quotes from the Comments Sections 

    She’s a blah blah bag.

    A vegan, a bitcoin dealer and someone who didn’t vote in 2016 walk into a bar. Which one tells you about it first?

    If diversity is such a strength, why is this “gift” given to White populations only, when there are so many non white places that “need” it much more?

    Diversity means taking things that are white and making them non white

    Its Anti White

    Things are bad. Things are really bad. In fact, they’re so bad that they’re worse than they could possibly be.

    Bear in mind that if you see it on Yahoo, NY Times, CNN, Politico, Doomburg, or any of the other America-hating propaganda rags, it is very probably fake to one degreee or another — either an outright lie or spun to manipulate your opinion, frighten you, or make you angry and hateful. Mainstream “news” is mankind’s worst enemy.

    They used to be called jumpolines until your mother jumped on one back in 1972.

    For those of you in this secular society who are unfamiliar with Puritans, H.L. Mencken provides a suitably disparaging definition: Puritans are fanatics plagued by “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”  The only thing that’s changed since Mencken wrote his definition is the puritanical society commissars are no longer Christians, the censors are now leftists.

    Feminism now costing women their jobs.

    Industrial strength flap-doodle.

    This is click bait.

    Good grief. What a bunch of self-serving, wallowing, drama-queen, nutjobs. Are there any adults left amongst the Looney left?

    I’m offended by your offense at their offensiveness.

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    Is It Just Me or Does This Just Make Compete Sense 

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    Pieces of the Web again 

    Comment about Rose McGowan: A mentally-challenged, trivial woman with a grandiose complex. In a few years, if she can avoid the hospitalizations, she should add a bit of substance to her life, maybe take a college course or two, learn to cook and shut the hell-up. Another trivial woman with a Bo Peep mentality. Love your hair, though…naturally kinky?

    More Rose McGowan: This is the result of one mentally deranged person being confronted by another MORE mentally deranged person, both of whom think they are some kind of heroes for doing absolutely nothing unless it is self involved. This transaction should have taken place in the games room of a mental hospital, not out in public where the 99.999% of normal, sane people live.

    The problem with liberal victimhood is every group demands the entire world bends to kiss their ass.

    And I don’t buy the non-stop feminization campaign against manhood. Men and women are different and gender bending word games by a goofy nest of drugstore academics aren’t going to change anything – except the fantasy life of those confused people in ivory towers.

    I thought my vasectomy would keep my wife from getting pregnant but apparently it just changes the color of the baby

    I support women’s rights, but not the kind that has oppressed natural womanhood for five long decades – the kind of wrongheaded “women’s rights” that allows mean-spirited radical feminists to use political correctness and their little broom label of “sexist” to define womanhood and women’s rights for me, for my family, for you and your family or for my country and the world. But good news: They’’re finished. Ask Hillary.

    Rights cause inequalities.

    When I was asked how I feel about women’s rights, frankly what I could have said is that women’s rights and men’s rights are the same thing — we are all equal.”

    But excuse me if I don’t visit the restaurant where she or he serves. Freedom of choice is good.

    As a woman with a career, I agree the liberal feminists ARE bullies that routinely flaunt their sense of entitlement and their intolerance.

    show a little respect….very little…

    Science is a tool, and we invent tools to do things we want. It’s a question of how those tools are used by people.

    You will always have partial points of view, and you’ll always have the story behind the story that hasn’t come out yet. And any form of journalism you’re involved with is going to be up against a biased viewpoint and partial knowledge.

    Everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.

    It’s hard to find good anti government people who want to spend their lives working in government.

    I have never understood the argument that making abortion illegal would result in “back alley” abortions.
    Is that like, making it illegal to kill someone would result in a “back alley” murder?

    The argument that prohibition and abortion are equivalent in their impact and outcome is dubious.
    One results in a drunk, the other in a corpse (or salable body parts).


    Nelly Rape Accuser Asks Judge To Issue Injunction Against Nelly’s Penis.


    Hurry up guys and make those robot women while there’s still some of us that haven’t been thrown in jail for being male.

    If the condom doesn’t fit then you must acquit

    She’s claiming she already got a quarter-pound that she didn’t want.

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    Excerpts from the Web 

    [This is cut and paste from the Web – comments people make that I find interesting.]


    People that are political on Facebook offend people, mostly friends and family, regardless of which side of the political aisle they are on.

    If they don’t know this, they must be dumb. If they do know it, they must be dumb.

    Liberal writer (Peggy Noonan) about Trump:

    “He alienates the middle and the independents, with his anger, insults, and boastfulness.  He had a unique opportunity and squandered it.”

    Most Americans:

    “These are the Obama qualities that gave us Trump.”


    Trump: I’m for puppy dogs and unicorns and rainbows.

    Schumer and Pelosi: Crap! Now we have to be against that, too.

    The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge”.

    Until someone is indicted and prosecuted it’s just another day at the click bait factory.

    You can rest assured that if illegals voted conservative that the leftist democrats would be on the border building a wall faster than a teamster on methamphetamine!

    When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is difficult only for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.

    The deep state whispered to President Trump “you cannot withstand the storm”…

    The President whispered back, “I am the storm”

    Who gives a rat’s @ss about Hollywood? They perpetuate this behavior and deserve each other…ooohh a trophy for playing make believe.

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    Yelp Scam – Hilarious Hoax 


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    More Pieces… 

    You can’t reason with an unreasonable person. You are better off to use your energy to avoid them.

    Socialism is for the masses, not the socialist.

    Thomas Sowell, “Just how much of what someone else has earned is your fair share?”


    Media: “Trump has committed crimes and needs to be executed for TREASON!!!!”

    People with brains: “Oh yeah, what crimes are those?”

    Media: “YOU’RE A RACIST!!!!!”

    .Sneaking into a Country does NOT make you an Immigrant,
    Just as Breaking into a house, Doesn’t make you a Homeowner!

    Hillary: She is a vacuous and morally vapid facade of a human being…an empty soul.

    Would you listen to a janitor’s directions about brain surgery, or take a barista’s tips about landing an airplane?

    It’s common sense to be wary of advice from people talking about something completely outside of their area of expertise, but for some reason entertainers seem to think their opinions matter more because they’re famous.


    Trump should have said, “sure, I’ll release my taxes when you release your transcripts of the Goldman-Sachs meeetings, Bill Clinton releases the transcripts from his Moscow speech, and Obama releases his college transcripts!”


  • some1talkin 8:37 am on January 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Pieces of the Internet Worth Repeating 

    I agree. How noble and brave of her. It’s almost like my liberal family being polite to Mexicans, you can almost see them physically swell with pride over their nobility towards the lower classes. .


    What is the point in us having all these economy destroying taxes (ie: carbon taxes, emissions taxes, etc.) when the likes of India and China couldn’t care less? In fact green taxes actually harm the environment because they encourage heavy industry to move to less well regulated parts of the world, but then that’s the point. Green fundamentalism has nothing to do with the environment or saving the planet, its purpose is to transfer wealth and especially industry from Europe and North America to China and India. Industry is strength, which is why we are being stripped of it. The truly amazing thing is that we have any industry left at all.

    The Democratic Party and its media allies have created a monster. It goes by two names: political correctness and identity politics. Both involve what you can say and what you can believe. While Democrats won’t admit authoring the ever-expanding handbook of acceptable speech, they seem to be the only group left in America which feels free to express their views.

    Sanctimonious Fountain of Wisdom

    “Democrat Jesus” is a gay and transgendered abortion doctor from Juarez who entered and resides in the US illegally but wants even higher local, state and federal taxes so that he can “fight climate change,” perform abortions on schoolgirls without parental notification, sue individuals and small business owners for having moral/religious scruples and build a $66 Billion fast train from Sacramento to a rural location north of LA.

    This description of Democrat Jesus is found in the King Jerry Version of the Bible as well as the New Pelosi Version.

    Why is caterwauling and hyperventilation the only leftist tactic? When are they not completely hysterical?

    Boo hoo hoo….Demonrat Socialist Party elected Trump by being crooked.
    LBJ gave America the Demonrat Welfare Plantation under the guise of “social contract”. Crazy Jimmah Carter created the abyss of Alt-Left dystopia. Cackles Clinton condemned the working class as deplorable and supported Margaret Sanger’s PP genocide of a race. CNN interfered with the election by giving Cackles Clinton debate questions, NBC leaked the Hollywood Access tapes. The DNC and Debbie Washingmachine put the fix onBernie! MSM donated to Cackles’ campaign at a rate of 97.5% and basically were part of Demonrat campaign team. Cackles Clinton spoke to exclusive groups 4 days a week, blew $1.2 billion in campaign spending and a double digit lead. Demonrats are on the verge of extinction and still lashing out at Trump. It’s laughable and a very good thing.



  • some1talkin 9:37 am on January 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    I Love Intelligent People. 

    Mike Rowe responds to a critique. This is well worth reading.


  • some1talkin 6:35 am on January 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Do You Need ID Theft Protection ? 

    No, not according to this very informative article.

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