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  • some1talkin 8:42 am on October 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Life Lock Identity Protection – JUST SHUT UP! 

    A friend of mine lost his wallet.

    He had LifeLock Identity Protection.

    He called them.

    He was on the phone with them for about 2 hours!


    Based on their never-ending advertisements I was (mis)lead to believe that they’d have the up-to-the-minute actual pulse and temperature on his entire financial situation under watchful constant surveillance.

    So what can take 2 hours?

    What kind of protection needs 2 hours of your time to protect you AFTER THE FACT?

    I challenge you to go to LifeLock’s website, wade through the platitudes, cliché, generalizations, slick marketing etc.  and find anything in black and white that isn’t back-page mind-numbing legal mumbo-jumbo that can justify or explain their services.

    What are they selling besides ” piece of mind (?) ” ?

    Maybe they’re selling YOU.








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    Should I Be Glad I Don’t Have This App Or Is It Just Too Late Anyway 


    After watching this video, I looked up SnoopWall, (the guy’s company website) and it’s selling additional protection for your computer systems.

    Watchdog or Salesman?

    The answer: Put tape over the camera lens, disconnect the microphone and then put a large heavy steel egg-shaped covering over yourself and all your technology. Then destroy the technology and communicate by string and can.


    Basically, more protection isn’t going to help.

  • some1talkin 3:34 pm on October 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Missouri   

    Missouri Is Awesome 


    You can’t say it much better than this.

  • some1talkin 9:24 pm on October 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Walmart Save Money, Live Better NOT !! 

    I got a prescription from my doctor today for Flonase. I stopped by Walmart and checked the price. I was given a printout that said:

    Price  $127.78 Generic Price: 43.10

    Wow, $4310 doesn’t sound so bad next to that $127.78.

    So I went home and got online. I found a coupon. I went back to the same Walmart and bought my prescription for just $11.74. Again, this is the same Walmart that wanted $43.10 or if you insist – $127.78


    Shocking. Hard to believe.

    This is beyond that line that separates fair from unfair, honest from dishonest and selling from stealing.


    How much would you be willing to bet that Walmart’s actual cost is half of coupon price or $5.87. I’d bet on it. And, if that’s the case then the truth is that Walmart is willing to charge you up to $121.91 OVER their cost of $5.87 – up to 20 times cost.



  • some1talkin 4:46 pm on October 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Golden Doodles 

    We’re in the heart of Fall, the leaves are falling like they’re in a hurry and this is my first Fall as an owner of a Golden Doodle.


    2014-08-04 (3)

    If you’re not familiar with the golden doodle, they have hair that’s a lot like velcro – everything sticks to and in it. I joke that I don’t need to rake my leaves anymore because if she walks through the yard, she’ll have half of the leaves stuck to her when she comes in the house.




    This is what the floors look like now.

    Maybe snow won’t be so bad.

  • some1talkin 7:48 am on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Clinton, Hillary   

    The Emperor Has No Clothes 

    At first I thought, that’s a man’s body but then I realized that it just makes sense.


    Then I thought, maybe someones making fun of the man. But they would have picked a less attractive picture of Hillary, but then again it’s almost impossible to find an unattractive picture of Hillary.

  • some1talkin 6:53 pm on October 20, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Eye opening comment in the Post Dispatch regarding racism. 


    Rhonda Dowell · Top Commenter · Real Estate Broker at Century 21 Affiliated – Chicago


    I truly pray for healing in the nation. I think if people learned the truth, they might find they have more in common with one another regarding the history of America than they realize. It does not take anything away from the suffering of blacks to know whites equally suffered. Yes, whites suffered as much if not more than blacks my friends. England is ruled by evil men and women. They had some real problems with their poor and suffering, and they decided to deal with this problem by simply making very minor crimes punishable by death or slavery. It was as if they were being kind to commute your death sentence for stealing a loaf of bread or and apple to enslavement on a plantation in the New World.
    The Irish seemed to be targeted the most. Cromwell hated the Irish Catholics for their rebellion against the crown, and he decimated the Irish Catholic population and made hundreds of thousands of them slaves which sold for 5 shillings. To understand just what “trash” these subhumans were to their Masters, they valued black slaves much more highly and sold them for 50 shillings. One source said these Irish slaves were the lowest of slaves, and that if the black slaves felt they were being treated too harshly would complain and say, “You are treating us like Irish!”
    Those who think Indentured servitude was sort of like the apprentice program some European countries have had even in the recent past, you could not be more confused. These people in the majority of cases were kept forever by their Master making up crimes and punishments and adding it to their years of service. If a female had a child it was the Master’s property for she was not married. The women would not leave their children and thus you can imagine how many Masters enjoyed their female slaves, got them pregnant and used them at will forever.
    These whites were treated at auction just as Blacks. They were called “Christians” in papers. If a black were being sold they would say, “Negro”. They would rip apart families just as they did the black slaves. They would strip them naked and chained up on a platform for all the men to bid on them. These men would poke and prod them, examine their teeth, and buy all they wanted. At one time there were more white slaves in the American colony than there were colonists. One Governor of Virginia listed in his property holdings 2000 Negroes and 6000 Whites.
    Negro slave ships were built for slaves. The Irish slave ships were just cargo ships. There is one account of the captain failing to procure enough food for the voyage for the slaves. He would not be paid for dead slaves if it was because of no food, so they “Lost them at sea”. Over 138 men, women and children were tossed into the sea. They were beaten to death, and it was nothing to their Masters, for they were cheap at 5 shillings. These white slaves were a difficult bunch and hard to control though and had many uprisings. The Masters slowly moved over to using more black slaves because they were more docile according to records. Britain did not outlaw taking white slaves until 1839. You see, this was a great way to get cheap labor for their Barbados sugar plantations, populate Australia, and other such ventures. They got rid of the problem of too many poor and not enough work in England. They still had issues of Kid nabbing which we now call kidnapping.
    Many of those living in the Appalachian mountains and W. Virginia and Kentucky whom we call hillbillies, ignorant and backwards are the descendants of those white slaves. They were ashamed of their heritage but I wonder if the sting of that history does not affect them much as it has our black brothers and sisters even though it was so long ago. These are fiercely independent people who do not trust outsiders, hate the government and care not to “make it” in the outside world. Is it possible that the scars are the same? Can we ever heal? Slavery is not about race. It was about power and greed and the elite ruling classes abuse of that power.
    It is said that the love of money is the root of all evil. Has that seed been sown so deeply in all of us that we are now ready to kill one another over economic gain? The elites have committed every atrocity, war, and barbaric deed out of this love for money. Are we coveting others belongings out of this ancient anger and scarred spirit that our eyes cannot see from whom this seed was sown? United we can overcome our masters.
    Yes, they are our masters my friends. Don’t kid yourself. Every President but one is directly related all the way back to the aristocracy of England. The banks are owned by the elite Kenites masquerading as Jews. These people are the enemies of God. They hate God’s creation. They intend to control all of it, and they know just as God found out at Babel, that a united people are too powerful. So, they seek to sow hatred and mistrust amongst us by sex, race, religion, age, skills, education, an class. Please open your eyes my brothers and sisters, and I say that honestly. We have all been hurt. We all have reasons to continue in our bitter spirits, but we have a choice to come together, to heal, and to love one another despite these filthy Masters. They cannot stop us, but they are trying to keep us so busy. Let us prove them wrong and begin to treat one another with kindness, respect, and honor our common history and heritage.

  • some1talkin 8:59 am on August 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Me Before You.

    If you like reading well written novels, I highly recommend this one.

    I haven’t finished it yet but it’s one of those books that you look forward to getting back to. It doesn’t move too fast or too slow, it’s not overplayed anywhere and the author keeps it moving nicely.

    Just thought I’d pass that on. I love a good book and when I run across one, like to share.

  • some1talkin 3:11 am on March 10, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Why study math? 

  • some1talkin 10:01 am on February 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Give Me Your Number, Sexy. 

    I was in a bar the other evening when this really bad-ugly girl came up to me, squeezed my ass and said ‘give me your number sexy’. I replied, ‘have you got a pen?. She smiled and said ‘yes’. I replied ‘well you better get back to it before the farmer notices you’re missing’.

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